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City of Charlottesville City Market Site (click here) 

Charlottesville City Market Manager’s Blog (click here)


 The Charlottesville City Market has 3 locations:

Saturday Market at Water Street, downtown

Tuesday Afternoon at Penn Park

& Wednesday Afternoon at Meade Park


Here are some videos to introduce you to just a few facets of what you may find there:


Connecting the Dots at the Charlottesville City Market




National Farmer’s Market Week at Farmer’s in the Park 














This video also contains important information about the new, extended schedule of the City’s Market thru to the Holiday Market, bus routes of service, art projects turned into market products, youth involvement enhancing experience, some rare coverage of Farmer Brown and Mr. Morton with his Dahlias,  and the beauty of the DIY American Farmer’s Market and the different facets of how they do it…

(For further informative video coverage, please see link under “Vendor Links” in sidebar to the right.)



Link to other Market info (click here) 

Below is information for our community to build its own pages.  Please contact our City Market Manager for your Vendor ID; as a visitor, you can register and leave comments as you take a look around and get to know your local vendors….Enjoy! :-D


Using a form of CrowdSourcing  this site is formed to allow the multitudes of participants of the market i.e. vendors and customers to contribute to the information herein about The Charlottesville City Market. It will grow and expand dynamically and realtime as YOU contribute to it.


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Each Vendor has the ability to create and edit a description of their business, farm, kitchen,  art or craft studio, etc with lots of valuable information so you can find them at the market and find out more about them. If you are a vendor and did not get an invitation we may have an old or invalid email for you – contact the Market Manager, you could also register yourself right here as a subscriber and then request elevation to vendor status so you can create and edit your own posts.  Your UserID will be used to identify you in vendor lists. Vendors cannot edit other vendors posts so make only one UserID for your particular market presence.

As a customer please register and then you can leave your comments! Subscribe to our RSS and get updates automatically.

  • Visit the Vendor List to find your favorite vendor or farm by name.
  • Find Products from the TAG Cloud in the side bar
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As a customer or supporter of the market you can follow each vendors and the changing wares and offerings here as well as find out more about the source of your food or gifts.

If you have questions about upcoming schedules or event or for the latest information up to the minute – check the Manager’s Blog